Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Trio of Foiled Leaves

Good morning!  I'm sharing some foiled fall leaves with you today.  I used just one stencil from A Colorful Life Designs for all three cards.  It's called Layered Fancy Leaf, and this comes in a set of three stencils.  I used the Layered Fancy Leaf B stencil which has these wonderful veins inside the leaf shape.  

I placed this stencil down on some black cardstock and spread some Transfer Gel Duo paste over the stencil.  I repeated this two more times so I could make a trio of cards.  After I spread the paste and lifted the stencil on the last card, I left the pieces to dry for a few hours.  This allows the paste to get tacky and that's what you want so it will grab the foil and make it stick.

For the first card, I used a gorgeous foil that has different shades of green all over it.  I cut a piece of this green emerald foil slightly larger than the stenciled leaf and placed the foil with the green side up.  I applied pressure with my fingers all over the foil and then carefully lifted it up.  You can run this through your die cutting machine if you prefer.  It's just easier for me to use my fingers.

On this second card, I tried something a little different.  I had some leftover pieces of foil (ya know, cuz I hate to throw 'em away), so I picked out some green, gold, and red foil pieces.  Then I randomly placed them down on my sticky leaf and used my fingers to transfer the bits of foil here and there.  

On this third card, I used a gorgeous amber foil on the stenciled leaf.  This foil has shades of silver, gold, bronze, and brown all over it.

After I foiled all three cards, I added sentiments from The Ink Blot Shop.  I love how this trio of foiled cards turned out.  Check out all the great leaf stencils over at A Colorful Life Designs and feel free to use this code, HollyFan10, to save 10% when you order.  You'll have so much fun with all the new stencils that you add to your collection.


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StampingJudy said...

Beautifully done Holly!!