Friday, May 28, 2021

Beyond the Blue #17 - Glittery Geode Backgrounds

 This week's Beyond the Blue challenge is all about creating your own glittery geode backgrounds.  I have collected geodes for years.  There's just something about those gorgeous jewel colors and the shine and sparkle of these wondrous pieces of earth.  I also collect glittery craft supplies such as glitter paste.  I had some that was starting to get hard and dried out, so I was trying to think of a way to use it up before it was tossed in the trash.

I created this fun little tutorial for the Beyond the Blue blog, and I'd love to see what you create!  Pull out those old glitter pastes, glitter glues, gels, paints, whatever you have.  Enjoy the process and share your creations with us on the Beyond the Blue blog.  :-)

Glittery Geode Background Tutorial

by Holly Brown



glitter glaze/glitter paste - any colors, any brand

cardstock - any color

palette knife, optional

ink pad to match glitter glaze/paste and sponge, optional


Step 1 (optional):

Ink up sponge and drag across cardstock.  This step is optional - doing this will deepen the color of your glitter glaze. 


Step 2:

Using finger or palette knife, dip into glitter glaze and dab over cardstock (on top of your inked areas from Step 1). 

Step 3:

Using clean finger or clean palette knife, dip into second color of glitter glaze and dab it next to the first glitter glaze.  Gently blend colors together, adding more glitter glaze if needed.   Repeat this step with a third color of glitter glaze if desired.


Step 4:

Set cardstock aside to dry for at least 4 hours.  It may need additional time to dry, depending on how thickly the layers of glitter glaze are applied.

In this picture above, the first sample on the left was done with turquoise ink (Step 1).  This one has a darker turquoise color than the two blue samples in the middle.  The two blue samples in the middle were done without ink - I skipped Step 1 on these.  I also skipped Step 1 on the black and pink sample on the right, and I used three glitter glazes.


Step 5:

Finish as desired with stamps, dies, and embellishments.


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