Friday, April 16, 2021

Beyond the Blue #12 - Salty Fire Flower

Happy Friday!  I'm back today with this bold and bright watercolor card for this week's Beyond the Blue challenge.  The challenge this week (#12) is to pick one of a variety of watercolor techniques, and I chose the salted watercolor technique.

I misted my watercolor paper with water first, and then I randomly brushed on various watercolor paints (yellow, orange, dark pink).  While the ink was still wet, I covered the paper with salt.  Yeah, salt!  The video for this challenge actually shows the paper being covered with regular fine table salt, but I wanted to see what would happen if I used a chunky, coarse, kosher salt.  So I left the salt on there until the paper was completely dry, which took several hours.  Then I picked up the paper and rubbed as much of the salt off as I could.  There's still some tiny flecks of salt adhered to the paper but it kind of looks like glitter so I'm leaving it alone.  :-)  You can see the awesome granulation of my background below.  Isn't that cool??

 Head on over to the Beyond the Blue blog to see what my fellow teammates created and watch the video on watercolor techniques.  Use whichever technique inspires you and share your creations with us!

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