Friday, September 13, 2019

Stenciled Autumn Pumpkins

Happy Friday!  I'm back with another stenciled card to share with you today.  I'm also sharing the step-by-step instructions on how I created these pumpkins so you can try it as well. All the stencils are from A Colorful Life Designs and I used kraft cardstock and kraft ink for a soft autumnal monochromatic look.

Supplies needed are: 
Marvelous Masks Pumpkin stencils (set of 4 different sizes)
kraft ink pad
kraft cardstock
low tack tape - optional

Step 1: Place the Teeny Harlequin stencil over the kraft cardstock.  Tape the 
stencil in place if desired.

Step 2: Place the smallest pumpkin stencil over the Teeny Harlequin stencil.  Tape
 the stencil in place if desired.

Step 3: Ink up the sponge and press it over the stencils.  Repeat until entire pumpkin is covered with ink.  Note: I simply pressed the ink down, reinked and pressed, over and over.  I did not rub the sponge over the stencils.  You get a much sharper edge by just inking straight down over the stencils.

Step 4: Remove the stencils and cut the pumpkin out with scissors.  Use as desired.

 For my card, I sponged some additional kraft ink onto the edges of the pumpkins as well as the bottom of my card.  Some linen thread was tied around the pumpkin stems and the sentiment was stamped with the same kraft ink.

I hope you try this quick and easy technique this weekend.  Feel free to use my code, HollyFan10, when you go shopping at A Colorful Life Designs.  Go stock up on some great new stencils and have fun!  

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