Sunday, September 9, 2007

Wiper card for VSN

One more challenge for VSN - a wiper card. What is that?? I thought it had something to do with baby wipes. Nope - it's a card that acts like windshield wipers when you "open" it.

It doesn't open like a traditional card. You have to pull on each side and a little card will pop up in the middle. It's really cute, and the One and Only Fabulous JanTink created this concept. She has graciously provided her template here.

So, armed with my printed copy of her template, I set about trying to decode all the numbers and lines and dashes and arrows. I finally got it all figured out, and decided to make a Halloween wiper card where the BOO and the black bat would pop up and scare the person opening the card. (Yeah right....)

I have used this Carved & Candlelit set so much since I finally broke down and bought it. I just love this set, and if you saw my rubber and the blocks, you would see it is definitely well loved. :-)

I'm thinking about doing this wiper card as my demo for the potluck stamping day on October 6. Would you like to learn how to make this? Don't forget to email me with your RSVP if you are coming on October 6. Each person will be bringing their own card/project for all of us to stamp, so it will truly be a World Card Making Day. I'm looking forward to it!

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Joan Ervin said...

Woohoo...can't wait to make this adorable card!! I'm holding you it, can't change your mind!!