Sunday, September 16, 2007

M&M tree!!

Who wouldn't want to have an M&M tree???? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........... Sounds like heaven to me. :-)

I purposely propped the card up on the stamp so you could see what was stamped inside. Mom would agree with me that every day should be Chocolate Day. Hahaha.

This is another fun kickstand card. I left the Chocolate Chip cardstock plain so the focus would be on the tree and M&M's. The tree stamp is from Judith, and the m-circle and sayings are from deadbeat designs. I bought these from Stamp Salado and I just love these stamps!

I can use the tree for anything, any season. I don't have to just put leaves on it. I could stamp frogs, candy, Christmas ornaments, flowers, whatever strikes my fancy onto this bare tree.

I used red gingham ribbon to give the card a country-ish feel, and on the inside I have some punched out M's glued to the edge. This card is going in the mail to someone who has had a rough week and weekend. I hope this puts a smile on her face when she receives it. :-)


Joan Ervin said...

How cute is this!! I love your M and M tree...what a clever idea!! Now I just need a diet Coke tree and I will be all set!!

Risa said...

This card is so cute, I love the kick-stand card. Now I'm hungry for M&M's! lol

Sally said...

That is darling!!! TFS!