Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Want a good laugh? Ok here we go. At 7am, I am brushing my teeth, and Emmy really REALLY needs to go out to pee. I'm trying to get Queenie to get her lazy bum up, but I can't talk cuz of toothpaste and the brush in my mouth. So I tap John and motion to him to talk to Queenie to go pee pee. She finally gets up, I open the back door (in our bedroom) and they run out to pee.

I see something moving. ACK! I turn on the porch light. I tap John again - motion to him that something is moving. So he crawls outta bed verrrrrrry reluctantly, and we go outside. There is a FROG on the door sill! I nudge it away from the open door with my foot (I have socks and shoes on, thank god!!). I see more movement.

There were at least FOUR frogs on the porch!!!!!!!!! Good grief. We had to watch the girls to make sure they didn't investigate the frogs. I think FINALLY our Miss Emmy has learned to leave those things alone. Ya know what happens? Dogs froth and froth and froth at the mouth if they lick or attempt to bite or pick up a frog. Bleck. It's awful.

And how was YOUR morning? :-)


Chrissy D said...

Good morning Holly! My morning was FUN! Today was Sarah's first day of school so we had an adventure. She barely waved good bye as I dropped her off *tears*. My babies are growing up.

Speaking of frogs - we have 3 in a fish tank! heehee And 2 large snails and fish. We even caught a Woolly Bear caterpillar this weekend. I think we are starting a Zoo here. 4 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog, 1 husband, 8 fish, 3 frogs, 2 snails and a caterpillar....Whew! Oh and did I mention???? One stamper!!!! ROFL

Joan Ervin said...

Howdy, is my baby girl today?? We got back from Arlington around 6:30 PM. Everything went ok with the kids...Susie picked them up and took them to moms. David picked them up at 4:00 so they only stayed at moms for 50 minutes or so. It rained on us all the way to Arlington but it stopped in time for the funeral.

Sounds like you had a little excitement at your house this morning!! I'm just glad you had frogs, not snakes!! teehee!! Have a good evening...LOL, Mom