Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Poppy Bookmark

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read.  I have hundreds of books scattered around my house, and I am always in need of bookmarks.  Art Neko came out with a gorgeous sheet of stamps dedicated to creating bookmarks which you can see here.  I love them!!!  

I used the "So Many Books, So Little Time" bookmark stamp for my project today.  I colored the bookmark with Copic markers and then I covered the little clock face with some clear glaze and set it aside to dry.  To age my bookmark a little bit, I sponged some Gathered Twigs distress ink over the whole piece.  I cut out the stamped image and adhered it to a larger black cardstock piece and then put it inside a bookmark sleeve.  I adorned the bookmark with a red tassel to coordinate with my flowers.  

There are a bunch of gorgeous colors of tassels at Art Neko.  Just type in "tassel" in the search box and see all the selections - gold, black, blue, green, pink, white, chocolate, purple and burgundy are just a few of the colors there.  You can buy the bundle which includes the bookmark stamps, the bookmark sleeves, and the tassels by clicking on THIS link.  This is a great bargain!

If you want to just buy a few of the bookmark stamps, you can type in "bookmark" in the search box and you'll see all the bookmark stamps as well as the tassels and sleeves and other assorted stamps.  If you are like me, you'll start drooling over all the gorgeous stamps.  :-)

Here is a handy list of links to click on:

Bookmark stamps, sleeves, and tassels bundle -
Bookmarks and sentiments stamps -
Assorted bookmark stamps -
Tassels -
Bookmark sleeves -


Bev Gerard said...

So so pretty! What a special gift idea ... and so easy to share!

Sabrina said...

Grins - I have those bookmarks on my wishlist, I think they are just beautiful. I love your colours - they make me think as if the flowers are floating on a stream. And I bet the glaze on the clock looks gorgeous in real life. And you can never have too many books - or bookmarks.