Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Antiqued Plum Blossom Print

I was playing with this beautiful Plum Blossom Branch from Art Neko, and I came upon an interesting discovery.  Look closely at the picture below.  Look at the writing on the right side.  See how it looks like there is a pink-ish halo around the letters?  You can see this same pink halo emanating from the branches as well.

How did that happen?  It was a complete accident.  LOL  I stamped this Plum Blossom Branch with Tuxedo Black Memento ink onto white cardstock.  I then colored the flowers with pink Copic markers.  I decided I need a pale blue background, so I mixed up my own custom color by filling a mister bottle with some Pearl colored Perfect Pearls powder, some water, and a little bit of Tumbled Glass Distress Spray Stain.  

After I shook up the mister bottle, I sprayed the plum blossom piece several times.  My finger smudged a couple of edges, so I sprayed some more, and some more, and some more.  LOL  My paper was completely soaking wet, so I left it alone for several hours to dry.  When I came back to look at it, I gasped!  I thought I ruined it when I saw the pink-ish color running out from the black stamped areas.  And because the paper had been so heavily sprayed, it created a few creases in the paper as well.

But you know what?  The more I looked at this, the more I loved it.  It looks like a piece of faux silk with the creases and the distressed, antiqued image.  I love how this turned out, even though this was not the result I had in mind.  Always look for the beauty in every thing you do.  :-)

Ink: Tuxedo Black Memento
Paper: white, black, Hibiscus (pink)
Other: Copic markers, mister bottle with Tumbled Glass Distress Spray Stain, water, and Pearl Perfect Pearls powder


Sabrina said...

I love how it turned out!! It looks like shimmery sparkly tissue paper. Without having been as impossible to stamp the image on as tissue paper would have been.

Chrissy D said...

Girl this is a BEAUTY! Love the tissue papers and the elegance of this!

Hetty said...

Wow, Holly, what a beautiful card.
Like the summer breese is blowing through the branch.

Anne Fitzsimons Ryan said...

Oh Holly, this is just so gorgeous. I need to purchase that floral image like yesterday. You went through a lot of steps to achieve this great end result and it definitely shows. Outstanding work.