Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Tree

Well....... I couldn't stop at just one. I had to go the whole hog and make all 4 seasons with this tree from the Branch Out stamp set. LOL

This is my summer version. Don't you have some fond memories of swinging on a tire that was roped up to a tree branch? Those lazy days of summer when there's no school and nothing on tv...... I spent a lot of time outside watching the butterflies and birds and riding my bike. Ahhhhh to be a kid again.........

The next two postings will have the spring and summer versions of the tree. Check back tomorrow and the next day to see what these look like. :-)


Juliana said...

Holly, this is so fresh and pretty!!
I love how different it is from the winter tree!!


Joan Ervin said...

Gorgeous, Holly...I love your summer version with the tire swing and butterflies!!!! I can't wait to see all 4!!!

Kirsten said...

I dont think I could ever get tired of this tree. Such a fun and nostalgic cards, reminds me of summer as a kid.