Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Vintage Flower Box

Hi everyone!  Today I'm sharing a handmade box that I created for Art Neko.  Art Neko actually sells several different kinds of boxes in their store, and I used this Hinged Pine Box with Magnetic Closure today.  I stained it with a vintage oak stain and let it dry, and then I stained it again for a deeper coverage.  Once it was completely dry, I rubbed some Antique Bronze gilding wax over the box and buffed it with a soft cloth.

To decorate the top of the box, I used this gorgeous floral scene from the Antique Seed Catalogs collage sheet at B-Muse.  There are TONS of gorgeous collage sheets over there - go check them out!  Seriously, they are stunning!  The best part is they are already colored, so all you have to do is cut em out and glue em down on your project.  :-)  

That's what I did with this one.  I cut out this sweet floral scene and glued it to a dark brown mat.  I then glued this piece down on my box, leaving some room on the side for a handmade flower bouquet.  I simply tied the bouquet with some linen thread and glued it down onto the box.

This will be perfect to give to my mom for her earrings and bracelets.  She loves antiques, and this will fit right in with all her vintage items.  :-)

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