Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Poinsettia with Luminance pencils

Hi friends!  Today is Thanksgiving for us here in the US, and it is a beautiful sunshine-y day.  I hope you are having a wonderful day!  I have been working on this card for a few days and I wanted to get this posted so I could enter this into the Peep of the Week challenge over on the Power Poppy blog.

The colored poinsettia is actually an experiment for me.  I just bought some Luminance pencils and I wanted to see how they worked.  So I stamped this gorgeous poinsettia image from Power Poppy's Poinsettia Stamp Set and then just picked up some Luminance pencils and started coloring.  After three nights of coloring, I decided to cover it with Microglaze to protect my work.  As I started buffing the glaze, I noticed some of the red color was moving onto the white space.  

I freaked out!  Did I just ruin all that work????  Well.... I can always color another one... right?  So I continued buffing just to see what would happen.  As it turns out, I rather like the soft red "glow" around my image.  It's kind of what you might see if this was in candlelight or moonlight, right?  Then I was inspired to add glitter to the image, so I cut it out with an oval die and then covered the piece with adhesive and Rock Candy Dry Glitter.  

You know what?  I think I like this better with the reddish "glow" and the glitter.  It feels much more festive and Christmassy!  :-)  So, I learned something really neat by doing something new.  Sometimes your mistakes turn out better than your original piece.  

If you have some Power Poppy stamps, why don't you come play along with us?  It's so much fun to be recognized as a Peep of the Week, and you have a chance to win a free stamp set.  We all love free stamps, don't we?  :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!


Julie Koerber said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS Holly!!!! Don't you just love happy accidents?;-) I think this turned out beautifully!!! Happy Thanksgiving to YOU too!

Beth Norman said...

Three days of colouring, eh? Beautiful, beautiful work. The ribbon is a nice accent.

Katie Sims said...

What a beauty and so happy to see it recognized on the blog! Congratulations on your Peep of the Week honor! :)